Patanjali Amla Candy Chatpata (PR-66) Products
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Name Patanjali Amla Candy Chatpata
Secondary Name NULL
Code PR-66
Type Standard
Category Natural Health Care
Price 5.99
Tax Rate No Tax
Tax Method Exclusive
Unit Piece (PC)
In Stock No
Product Variants NULL
Product Custom Field 1NULL
Product Custom Field 2NULL
Product Custom Field 3NULL
Product Custom Field 4NULL
Product Custom Field 5NULL
Product Custom Field 6NULL
Product Details

Patanjali Chatpata Amla Candy Benefits 
Contains Protein - Help in the regeneration of tissue.
Contains calcium - Strengthens the teeth and bones.
Contains Phosphorus - Give nutrition to the brain and helps in good eye sight.
Contains Iron - Helps to increase blood circulation.

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